Christmas Treats!

We have a selection of treats available to order for Christmas, which can also be tweaked to work throughout the year!  These are ideal for stocking fillers, gifts or just to make any day feel festive.


Firstly, a different twist on chocolate oranges!  Each one has a full chocolate orange inside, come in plastic clear boxes decorated with Christmas bows.  These are priced at £6.50 each.

Christmas cakes as shown below are available, priced at £12.50 for a 6 inch diameter cake, larger ones can be made if that's what you're after.

Christmas cupcakes are available in a wide selection of flavour combinations specific to the season, are available in boxes of 6 or 12 or Christmas tree platters (as shown) with a mixture of vanilla and chocolate sponges finished with a variety of Christmas themed decorations.  A box of 6, which can be all the same flavour or individually flavoured, costs £10.00, a box of 12 is £18.00 and a Christmas platter (which is 12 slightly shallower cupcakes) is £15.00.

The regular flavour combinations are itemised on the Cupcake page, however a list of the specific flavours available for Christmas are:

1. Vanilla sponge filled with jam topped with vanilla buttercream
2. Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate and topped with chocolate buttercream
3. Ginger cake filled with caramel, topped with gingerbread buttercream and a gingerbread decoration
4. Coffee sponge topped with Biscotti buttercream and a biscotti biscuit decoration
5. Orange sponge filled with chocolate, topped with caramelised orange buttercream and an orange decoration
6. Chocolate sponge topped with honeycomb buttercream with Malteser decoration
7. Red velvet sponge topped with cream cheese flavoured buttercream and decorated with red sprinkles
8. Coffee sponge filled with chocolate, topped with Irish cream buttercream and decorated with grated chocolate
9. Chocolate sponge filled with more chocolate, topped with jaffa orange buttercream and decorated with a chocolate orange segment
10. Vanilla sponge filled with lemon curd, topped with lemon buttercream and decorated with a jelly lemon slice
11. Chocolate sponge filled with caramel, topped with salted caramel buttercream and decorated with fudge pieces
12. Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate, topped with mint buttercream and decorated with an after eight mint
13. Vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam, topped with raspberry ripple buttercream 
14. Vanilla sponge with rum & raisin buttercream, decorated with a rum truffle and chocolate raisins
15. Toffee sponge filled with caramel, topped with sticky toffee pudding buttercream and decorated with caramel
16. Vanilla sponge filled with strawberry jam, topped with strawberry & cream buttercream and decorated with fondant strawberry
17. Vanilla sponge topped with toasted marshmallow buttercream and decorated with mini marshmallows
18. Coffee sponge filled with caramel, topped with toffee mocha buttercream and decorated with chocolate curls


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