Each cake is hand made to order, and decorated to your own design.


It is also possible to incorporate pictures printed onto edible icing for the ultimate personalisation.


*NEW*  In addition, we can also do toppers for any cake (see example below) to add the ultimate personalised finishing touch!


Cakes are individually priced so contact us to discuss your requirements.  A selection of the cakes we have made in the past is shown in the gallery pages to help with inspiration, though we can do ANY design.

All cakes also available dairy and gluten free!!

Grown Up Cakes

There are endless possibilities for all ages!  Our selection has ideas for cakes made for her or for him.

Children's Cakes

Cakes for kids are where dreams come true.  Not only do they look great and reflect a theme, but they taste great too!  We have a selection of past cakes for both younger and older children to look through.

Baby Cakes

Celebrate the mum to be, the birth, the christening or anything else with a special cake.

Wedding Cakes

What's a wedding without a cake?  We can make beautiful creations to add a stress free centrepoint to your big day.  See here for more.

Event Days

There's loads of other events that call for a cake (and often there doesn't even need to be an event!) so click here to see some of our other creations.

Christmas Cakes

Our Christmas cakes have proved extremely popular in the past.  Please remember that a traditional Christmas fruit cake (with or without brandy) needs time to settle so please try and give as much notice as you can (at least two months for best results!!)


Available for any cake, we can produce a topper like that shown.

How Big Should I Go?

There are two factors to deciding how big a cake to go for.  The first is the design, and what your ideal cake is going to look like.  The second - and most important - is how many people (or portions) you want it to make.  No matter how good it looks, you will have to cut it up and eat it - and even though our cakes taste great there's always a tinge of sadness when cutting into your dream creation.


Of course, how many people a cake will feed depends on how big you cut your portions!  As an indication though, based on an average portion size of 2" x 1", our cakes will feed:

8 inch round = 15 people

10 inch round = 30 people

8 inch square = 20 people

10 inch square = 40 people

But we can do any combination to suit your needs - so contact us and we'll talk it through, and get you on your way.


As well as big cakes, we specialise in producing cupcakes for any reason, personal or corporate.  See here for more details and an indication of what's possible


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